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Strong back

Train and strengthen your back at your workplace. We will come to your office.

Our preventative back exercises mobilise the exact stress points in your back area. The spinal column is stabilised and movement and posture muscles are well supplied with blood. Immediately feel how your previously loaded problem zones are strengthened and stabilised.

Kinesiology exercises work promptly to take away stress, remove blockages and improve your health. Oxygen is transported more efficiently through the body. You will feel fresh, energetic and able to attend to your work with more concentration. Our exercises are suitable for all ages.

The Dorn spinal column therapy is a comprehensive treatment on the skeletal and movement system named after Dieter Dorn. It uses special pressure techniques to gently correct blockages and misalignments in the spine. This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, letting you to enjoy your day with renewed vigour.

Shiatsu, also called acupressure, is a well-established manual pressure treatment that provides relaxation and regeneration, stimulates the nervous system and has a dramatic effect on inner organ function. Shiatsu promotes your body's own healing process, protects your health, helps you get in better touch with yourself and offers you a sense of well-being.

We look forward to visiting you at your workplace.

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