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Spine Therapy using the Dorn Method

The Dorn method helps balance the spinal region. This soft approach uses special pressure techniques which remove blockages and malpositions. The length of the legs, and pelvic and sacrum malpositions within the spine can be easily and sustainably corrected. Sciatica and migraine, which may cause such blockages, can lose their intensity.

The Dorn spinal therapy is often used in combination with the Rudolf Breuß spinal massage. By applying ethereal oils tension is dissolved and the undersupplied and afflicted intervertebral discs regenerate. All surrounding tissues are strongly supplied with blood and support the intervertebral regeneration. This combination therapy leaves you standing upright, refreshed and ready to enjoy your day with new vitality.

Note: This treatment will only be carried out by trained, specialised staff.

Our Offer

25 minutes | 30,00 €*
50 minutes | 58,00 €*

* This price is only valid for businesses with at least 5 participating employees.

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Spine Therapy using the Dorn Method
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